Wheat Procurement

Wheat Procurement

  • ' Wheat ', A plant that changed the world.
  • Wheat is the second most important grown rabi crop (winter cereal) in India and is the staple food of our country India. Wheat grain has been used for thousands of years to provide varieties of food for humans. It is the world's largest crop known for its nutritional value. It is a cereal grain with its unique combination of starch and gluten and provides natural health benefits.
  • Wheat is the single raw material for the Roller flour milling industry.
  • In India wheat is grown only in the Northern part of India and is grown during the winter months and harvested in April. As millers, we have expertise ourselves to choose the best wheat and to use it to suit the various requirements. Selecting the right grain is imperative and crucial.
  • Being situated in the South of India, wheat is transported by either rail or road.
  • Different varieties of wheat are grown In India, and wheat is classified based on product specificity and the areas where they are harvested. To choose the right grain needs experience and that is assured with the Millers decades of experience to procure the whole wheat at the right time.
  • Selecting the right grain is crucial in producing the best wheat products. Sourcing the finest wheat is a challenge. Narasu’s management follows prompt procurement practices with their decades of experience in the flour milling industry, so its products are reliable, high quality and meet the customer’s specifications.


Warehouse for wheat storage

Wheat is a single crop in a year. The product is picked as per selection. Delivery of material is by rail or by trucks. The procured material is brought into the in-house warehouses for storage until the time for processing. To preserve and retain the quality, it is important to store it in best conditions, so Storage is the prime responsibility of the company. Excellent constructed well-spaced Warehouses at Narasu’s premises are available and used for storage of wheat and wheat products. System Integrated Inventory controls permit the management to plan the production.

The warehouse is the key component of the overall business supply chain. Its primary function is storage of wheat. The Warehouse management systems are integrated into the software of the processing system right from Grain received until delivery for processing. The physical location of the warehouse is suitable to receive goods and products for the eventual discharge for processing.

Warehouse housekeeping planning controls are adhered too for the maintenance of warehouses to preserves the grains from any infestation after it is received. Actively monitored and fumigated to stay safe from cross contamination and infestations of any kind.

The company in-house Warehouses to store 12000 MT of wheat within the premises so entirely within its controls. It also has concreted Silos constructed in a separate location of 10000 MT where the grain is under strict supervision and control practices.

Warehouse for finished products

The warehouse is the key component of the completion of the overall business supply chain. Its function to is to store wheat products. It Serves as an area for final packing The system Inventory control can locate and track a given product within the warehouse to facilitate quick selection and loading for order fulfilment. It is a process of maintaining sufficient amount of product to meet customer demands, at the same time balancing the expense of keeping the product in storage. Inventory can be tracked at any point in time. Goods after processing are sent to the final dispatch warehouse for short time storage for FIFO dispatch.

The physical location of the warehouse is suitable to receive goods after production and keep the products safe until the eventual distribution to consumers, customers and other businesses. It coordinates the incoming goods, the subsequent storage and tracking of the products and finally the distribution of the goods to their respective destination.

Packing and labelling are also the jobs of warehousing. The Packing material is stored under the best proper clean storage measures. Warehouse protects the product against any damage, labelling and tagging and tracking. FIFO (First in First out) management system method is followed for product delivery and is implemented efficiently.