• Narasu's customers are widespread throughout India. Has to Provide timely delivery to its clients - own fleet.
  • All sizes of vehicles to reach remote corners.
  • Eichers, Leyland's, Tippers, etc.

The Food industry has one of the most challenging and complex logistics requirements, driven by time, the freshness of the products and high regulation standards. This temperature controlled and delicate supply chain requires a high degree of detailed planning, management and specialised handling.

At Narasu's, we understand the dynamics of the supply chain logistics. Being widespread throughout India, We take the responsibility seriously, so our customers can be rest assured that all products are stored, handled and dispatched with safety and security.

A combination of our fleet and quality monitored hired fleet, Vehicles of all sizes are used to reach remote corners. Eichers, Leyland's, Tippers, etc. are used.

To also better assist our customers in planning the movement of stocks, we provide high visibility to the inventory and information such as; the age of the product, best before dates and other equally relevant data. With all these given features, our customers can comfortably enjoy complete traceability and visibility of orders.