Beyond Business

Green Energy

The manufacture of Wheat products is an intensive energy consuming activity. The Power shortage happenings should not be an impediment for the industry to function. Each and every industry needs to take part and play its role as a Corporate Social Responsibility by contributing its might to green energy production and enable nature to replenish. With this in mind, the company ventured into the world of eco-friendly power generation using non-conventional sources of energy – the might of WIND.

Narasu’s installed Wind Turbine Generators (WTG – better known as windmills to a layman) with a capacity of 2.6 MW in Tamil Nadu, which are known to generate eco-friendly electric power and are fully automated, maintenance-free and environmentally friendly. The sole purpose of these WTG was to empower the state electrical board MW of additional power.

Energy Saving

As a part of Environment Management System, energy saving exercises is carried out to save power in the manufacturing processes. Minimising downtime is part of energy saving activity.

Energy audits are conducted and regularly monitored as an ongoing process to reduce the leakage of power. Our company's green policy to reduce the electrical consumption every year is monitored effectively.

Support facilities

In-house Workshop
An in-house Workshop equipped with required machinery/equipment's (lathes and grooving machines)handled by properly trained personnel is available to ensure the least downtime of equipment.

In-house Cafeteria
Freshly prepared quality food are made available at our fully stainless steel equipment to all employees of the company at a subsidised price to ensure the highest satisfaction and top health.
This acts as an incentive for all staff who work in the house of Narasu's. Being FSSAI approved, We stand by the most stringent food safety principles and are committed to providing hygienic food.